D7 Laundry

The D7 laundry formula is an environmentally friendly solution

Use in any and all laundry applications including commercial laundry, industrial laundry, institutional laundry, and on-premise laundry operations.

Trusted by the US Military to launder soldier’s uniforms from overseas as well as fire departments across the nation to clean turnout gear, Decon7 Systems’ laundry solution offers the most hygienic level of clean available.

Tested, Certified and Safe for fabrics, tape and liners of PPE by a Third Party Laboratory.

Flammability ASTM D6413 – Horizontal / Vertical (NFPA 1971, Section 8.2.4) – Shell & Liner
Heat & Thermal Shrinkage (NFPA 1971, Section 8.6) – Shell & Liner
Water Absorption Resistance Test (AATCC 42) – (NFPA 1971, Section 8.25) – Shell
Water Penetration Resistance Test (Fed Method 191A, 5512 – High Range Hydrostatic) (NFPA 1971, Section 8.26) -– Shell
Chromaticity (daytime) & Retroreflective (nighttime) – (NFPA 1971, 8.45) – Reflective Tape

Our safe and effective chemistry has proven to outperform all other products currently on the market. D7 is colorfast, biodegradable, and will not degrade fabrics.


Other advantages of using D7’s laundry formula include:

Lower utility costs, lower labor costs, and improved laundry productivity because there is no need to heat the solution during the wash cycle and it can reduce cycle time by more than half when compared to industry standards.

Hospitals, nursing homes, surgical centers, veterinary clinics, PPE & tactical gear cleaners, hotels, motels, resorts, health clubs, gyms, and other athletic facilities worldwide are benefiting from D7’s efficiency.